How To Rent From Events & Rental Services

Renting Audio Video equipment is easy from Events & Rental Services. Simply follow our step-by-step list and our A/V rental professionals will be happy to assist you.

  1. Select the Audio/Video equipment needed
  2. Fill out the contact form located in the sidebar of this page
  3. Please review Events & Rental Services Policies & Insurance Requirements
  4. Fill out and return the required AVR Credit Application or Credit Card Authorization Form (Forms can be faxed to 602.643.4275 or emailed to

Events & Rental Services Policies


  • Advanced reservations are preferred.
  • All equipment rentals are for a 24 hour period unless prior arrangements have been made with AVR Rental personnel.
  • AVR Rental time increments are: ½ day, day, week or month.
  • Restrictions that must be met for a ½ day rental are: the equipment must be picked up and returned the same day. Overnight does not constitute a ½ day rental. If you have a set discount with AVR, that discount is waived for a ½ day rental.
  • Weekly rate equals three days; monthly rate equals 9 days.
  • Discount percentages are based on frequency of rentals.
  • Rentals can be picked up as early as 7 AM and should be returned the next day by noon, unless arrangements are made with AVR Personnel.
  • Pickup and deliveries are available. Rates vary depending on distance from AVR.

Events & Rental Services Terms

  • An approved account application form is preferred prior to any rental.
  • All rentals are COD unless credit has been approved.
  • AVR Rentals does not accept cash for payment; a credit or debit card must have the rental total available.
  • Rental costs can not be applied to past or future purchases.
  • Cancelation fees will be applied if cancellation occurs after equipment has been delivered or picked-up by the client.